Feel Alive Now

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Feel Alive Now is a sentiment that is very close to my heart.

Each and every person makes a choice as to how they feel about their own situation.  By looking at this website you have already made a positive step towards feeling better about life's challenges.

The therapies used at Feel Alive Now work to clear blockages within the energy system, thereby freeing you of negative emotion and any physical manifestations.




Prior to starting up Feel Alive Now I was in the Merchant Navy, driving big ships.  Yes, really!  I was at sea for 13 years, and qualified as a Master Mariner in 2010.


As events would have it, I ended up ashore and was drawn to study energy therapies I had already started to incorporate into my life.

Various serendipitous meetings and events led me to study EFT and Matrix Reimprinting with Karl Dawson, which changed everything for me.  I witnessed changes in myself and others you would think impossible.

There is no greater feeling than helping someone release themselves of the negativity held from past events, or anxiety about the future.

skype sessions

If you prefer, we can conduct EFT and Matrix Reimprinting sessions via Skype.  This is especially helpful if transport or distance is an issue.

Skype name: feelalivenowuk